Frequently asked questions

What does the PRESS SERVICE entail?

This means providing a behind-the-scenes service to other graphic design and paper converting companies that rely on our printing services only, providing us with the cardboard, paper and files.


With this technique, the matrix (the planographic plate) does not come into direct contact with the surface but transfers the image to an internal rubber stamp. Being compressible, this stamp also adapts to rough surfaces.

Up to how many colours can be printed in-line?

We print 6 colours + In-line Acrylic Varnishes or 6 colours + In-line UV Varnishes or even 5 colours with relative effects and final varnishing.

What is DRIP-OFF?

It is a modern system for creating in-line gloss/matte effects. The basic principle lies in a chemical reaction between two paints.

Can the Drip-Off UV-effect be achieved in other ways?

Yes, through the same principle of repulsion between different materials, a similar effect can be obtained with glossy and opaque acrylic paints, with a result that is softer but equally as nice.

On what kind of material do you print?

In addition to paper, we print on silver or gold plasticised materials, as well as on PVC, PET and PPL.

What is COLD FOIL?

Cold Foil involves the transfer of a metallic foil in gold or silver colour through the offset process.

Where can COLD FOIL be applied?

For optimal processing, it is preferable that the surface is be already glossy. It is also possible to apply this treatment to natural papers with a UV process, albeit with a lower gloss than with a coated substrate.

Does COLD FOIL add thickness where it is applied?

No, Cold Foil does not add thickness or relief following the process itself.

Is it possible to print over COLD FOIL?

Yes, Cold Foil allows overprinting, which takes place through a four-colour offset process or with pantone colours, thus allowing an infinite range of tones.


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